The Artist

I have been a photographer since I was eleven years of age. It was a hobby, then a passion, became an obsession, then blossomed into a career. The camera is a tool that translates my vision into a language others can understand. I see things differently. I see things others cannot see. I strive to show them. I see the nuances of light and shadow, the textures, the patterns, the subtleties of color. I see images wherever I go. I see them in color, in Black & White, in Sepia.

I have spent a lifetime studying the work of those who inspire me. Demarchelier, Avedon, Seliger, Liebowitz, Karsh, Ritts, Hurrell, Stieglitz, Cartier-Bresson among many others. I have taken from them all and their combined influence has affected my style. My style is ever evolving as I experience this world around me. I would not take the same picture today as I have taken before because it is a different day, and I am different today than I was yesterday.

With the dawn of the millennium came Digital Photography for me. I reluctantly embraced it. Fear of the unknown. Fear of letting go of the tools now so familiar to me. Years of my life’s work committed to film and now life was about to be committed to this foreign technology and what the hell did a computer have to do with photography? A pixel to a grain. It scared the hell out of me. It scared the hell out of all of us.

Then the fear subsided. I could apply all of the knowledge from my film work to my digital, but now I had an expanded toolbox in the shape of RAM and ROM, hardware and software, desktops and laptops. These helped me to complete my vision. I could now show others exactly what I saw. The idealized image.

The realm of Digital ultimately made my work better, but it was my work with film that molded the vision and made me see. I can see light. I can shape it and control it and make it my own. I see an image before I make it, and I know how to make it mine. Film did that for me. There is an awesome purity to working with film. To knowing that you have fulfilled your vision before you see it in print because you saw it in your mind and made it come to life and you know you’ve got it.

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